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RockVets Newsletter

April 2019             
Volume 11
Issue 4 


Teddy Bear Left At The Wall

[Editorial written by Jerry Donnellan...1996]                           

There is about the Wall, a strange stillness, as though the 58,000 souls gathered there are asking for silence.... You would think the names would rage against their fate.  Perhaps they know a peace that we cannot yet comprehend.  Walking slowly along the path in front of the Wall, not looking for any particular name or even looking at the wall, just taking the whole thing in.  The Wall is black, shiny black, and it reflects the faces that stare at the names.  I saw my face and looked away.

People leave things there:  medals, old jungle boots, books of poetry, notes, a teddy bear - a tattered teddy bear.  I didn't look long at the bear 'cuz I saw the boy's Mom cleaning out a closet where things had gone untouched for years.  I saw the boy's mother open a box.  Perhaps she didn't want to remember what was in the box but, she opened the box.  She saw the teddy bear and fell upon the box, clutching the bear as tightly as she had clutched her son.

The bear was her baby's companion.  The bear kept away monsters of the night.  The boy slept with the bear, toddled to breakfast or off to bed or around the house, hugging the bear or holding it by an arm.

Every day the boy told his mother what he and the bear had done--the places they had gone--the good people they had met.  And when the mother rocked her baby to sleep, the boy held his bear.  His eyes closing slowly, the boy fought sleep, just as he would later fight death.

The bear waited a long time.  He had nothing to do in a box.  There were no monsters in the box, no frightful things to guard against, no boy to protect.  The mother found the bear and she took the bear to her boy.  She didn't take the bear to the cemetery filled with strangers, but to the place where her son is among friends. There, where his boy is, the bear can rest.

All the monsters are gone now...and the bear can sleep again with his boy.  The boy understands, as do the 58,000 friends.  More than anyone else.  More than the boy's mother.  58,000 friends understand.

I saw the teddy bear and I walked away quickly.  I walked away quickly because my son had a teddy bear.

Vietnam Memories

Vietnam Memories - Felix Festa Middle School, 30 Parrot Road, West Nyack, New York 10994

On Monday, April 8th, 2019, Vietnam Memories will be starting at Felix Festa Middle School with two auditorium presentations. The Library presentation for Vietnam Memories will be held on  April 9, April 11, April 12, April 15, April 16 and April 17-18 if needed.  This is the nineteenth year that the veterans are doing this presentation.  Please come out and show your support. For further information, contact Howard Goldin - Project Coordinator, via e-mail:

VA Secretary On Blue Water Navy Vets Benefits 

Published: March 26, 2019

VA Secretary recommends DOJ not challenge ruling on ‘blue water’ benefits

WASHINGTON — Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie recommended the Justice Department not contest a federal court ruling that could extend benefits to Vietnam veterans who served on ships offshore during the war, he announced Tuesday.

The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled 9-2 in January that “blue water” Navy veterans are eligible for benefits related to the chemical herbicide Agent Orange. The decision could pave the way for disability compensation for tens of thousands of veterans who served aboard aircraft carriers, destroyers and other ships but had been deemed ineligible for the same disability benefits as those who served on the ground and inland waterways.

The Justice Department and the VA, which disputed the veterans’ eligibility for the benefits, could challenge the decision before April 29 by seeking a review of the case from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Wilkie said publicly for the first time Tuesday that he opposed a Supreme Court review. The announcement came during his testimony to the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

“Is it true, Secretary Wilkie, that the blue water Navy court decision isn’t being challenged?” asked Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., the chairman of the committee. Wilkie replied, “That would be my recommendation from VA.”

His stance differs from last year, when Wilkie fought efforts in Congress to extend benefits to blue water Navy veterans. At the time, he cited high costs and insufficient scientific evidence linking the veterans to Agent Orange exposure.  Since the court ruling in January, some lawmakers and veterans organizations have urged Wilkie and President Donald Trump to end the court battle.
Read full story:  Blue Water Navy Veterans

Volunteer Opportunities at West Point


WEST POINT MUSEUM: The West Point Museum is looking for volunteers to serve as museum guides during the spring, summer, and football season. Hours sought are weekdays between 11am and 4pm (as your schedule allows), with the potential to expand to weekends after training. Volunteers would be the public face of the Museum in the galleries; responsibilities would include giving tours, helping visitors navigate the museum, and relaying visitor feedback and questions to curatorial staff. Volunteers may also be called upon to assist with special events at the museum and the main USMA campus. Please contact Michael Diaz at or 845-938- 7342.

The West Point Museum is looking for volunteers to serve as collections assistants. Hours sought are weekdays between 8am and 11am. Volunteers would help curatorial staff inventory, transport, and exhibit artifacts around the Museum and the USMA campus. Volunteers should be able to lift moderate weight (~50 pounds). Craft, technical, and mechanical skills a plus. Volunteers may also be called upon to assist with special events at the museum and the main USMA campus. Please contact Michael Diaz at or 845-938-7342.

TOWNS 4 TROOPS: a non-profit local off- post organization that provides social and family services, activities and fun events for active duty military and their families in the Hudson Valley Region at a zero cost. This young yet growing organization is in need of volunteers with experience in the following areas: website design, social media coverage, merchandise design and sales, financial assistance and grant writing, and areas of law. If you have an interest in any of these areas and would like more information contact Kara Pletcher (845) 938- 3655 or email

WEST POINT SCHOOLS- PARENT TEACHER ORGANIZATION (PTO): Is looking for volunteers for next school year’s PTO. The following positions are needed: President, 1VP (in charge of membership), 2VP (in charge of volunteers), secretary, treasurer, parliamentarian, and school board liaison. If anyone is interested or has any questions feel free to email

SPRING YOUTH SPORTS: Coaches are needed for Soccer Baseball, Flag Football, Running Club and modified Track & Field. Coaches must attend the coaches meeting to review the rules & coaching policies. If you know someone or are interested in coaching, please contact the Youth Sports Office at (845) 938-3208/8525.

ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICE: Seeking volunteers to help with greeting customers and special projects and events. ACS is a fun place to volunteer and gives a chance to support programs to enhance resiliency, and personal and professional growth. Our vision is to foster resilient communities and contribute to military and family member readiness. Interested volunteers can call or email (845) 938-3655,

KOSCIUSZKO’S GARDEN: April through October. A small retreat garden built by Tadeusz Kosciuszko on the side of a cliff overlooking the Hudson River. First constructed in 1778, it still offers visitors and cadets a place of quiet tranquility during the warmer months. Volunteers will be needed during the months, April - October for weeding, planting and blowing off surfaces and picking up random trash. Tentative schedule will be the 1st Wednesday of every month, 0930-1100. Please call (845) 938-3655 for more information.

To register as a West Point volunteer please contact the Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator at (845) 938-3655 or email

New Toys from Lockheed Martin

New Toys From Lockheed Martin

You tube video highlighting some offerings from Lockheed Martin.  

View link here:  New Toys From Lockheed Martin

Social Security Scam

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 Mark Hinkle, Acting Press Officer -
Social Security and OIG Launch Public Service Announcement Campaign
Agency Alerts Public about Telephone Impersonation Scheme
The Social Security Administration (SSA) and its Office of the Inspector General (OIG) launched a joint Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign addressing a nationwide telephone impersonation scheme. Social Security and the OIG continue to receive reports from across the country about fraudulent phone calls from people falsely claiming to be Social Security employees. Calls can even “spoof” Social Security’s national customer service number as the incoming number on the caller ID. The new PSAs will air on TV and radio stations across the country to alert the public to remain vigilant against potential fraud.
“We urge you to always be cautious and to avoid providing sensitive information such as your Social Security number or bank account information to unknown people over the phone or Internet,” said Nancy A. Berryhill, Acting Commissioner of Social Security. “If you receive a call and are not expecting one, you must be extra careful – you can always get the caller’s information, hang up, and contact the official phone number of the business or agency the caller claims to represent. Do not reveal personal data to a stranger who calls you.”

Social Security employees do occasionally contact people--generally those who have ongoing business with the agency--by telephone for business purposes. However, Social Security employees will never threaten a person or promise a Social Security benefit approval, or increase, in exchange for information. In those cases, the call is fraudulent and people should not engage with the caller. If a person receives these calls, he or she should report the information to the OIG Fraud Hotline at 1-800-269-0271 or online at

“These calls appear to be happening across the country, so we appreciate SSA’s partnership in this national public outreach effort,” said Gail S. Ennis, the Inspector
Social Security National Press Office Baltimore, MD General for the Social Security Administration. “Our message to the public is simply this: If you or someone you know receives a questionable call claiming to be from SSA or the OIG, just hang up.”
The new PSA addressing the telephone impersonation scheme is available online at

A Fourth Administration within the VA Legislation

Published: April 3, 2019

WASHINGTON — Legislation introduced in Congress on Wednesday would create a fourth administration within the Department of Veterans Affairs – one dedicated solely to veterans’ transition into education and employment.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced the Veterans’ Education, Transition, and Opportunity Prioritization Plan, or VET OPP Act, in the House and Senate. It would create the Economic Opportunity and Transition Administration at the VA and add a new senior official to lead it. Lawmakers said the new administration could be established using existing VA resources.

“By aligning transition, education and employment programs in a fourth administration within the VA, we will ensure that these opportunity-focused programs get the high priority they deserve, and the oversight they need to better serve veterans,” said Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, one of the sponsors of the House bill.

The VA is made up of three administrations: the National Cemetery Administration, the Veterans Health Administration and the Veterans Benefits Administration.

Black Hawk Down:  The Untold Story

New ‘Black Hawk Down’ documentary tells story of soldiers who saved Rangers, Delta Force troops
By: Todd South  - April 2019 -

Link to Story:  Black Hawk Down Documentaryf

For more than a quarter century, the story of the Battle of Mogadishu, popularized by both the book and film versions of “Black Hawk Down,” has focused on the Army Rangers and Delta Force team members caught in the worst urban combat the U.S. military had seen since the Vietnam War. A new documentary tells the story of the 10th Mountain Division soldiers who rescued those Rangers and Delta operators.

“Black Hawk Down: The Untold Story,” is a documentary made by retired Air Force Col. Randall Larsen, who also served in the Army during his 32-year military career. Larsen’s production company previously produced the documentary “Operation Whitecoat,” the story of 2,300 conscientious objectors who volunteered for biological experiments at Fort Detrick, Maryland from 1954 to 1973.  A generation later, Army leaders can still learn from the harrowing battle of 1993.

By: Todd South
Larsen met now-retired Brig. Gen. Bill David, who commanded 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division during its deployment as a quick reaction force in the Battle of Mogadishu years ago while both were doing advanced academic degrees.

But it wasn’t until last year, as the 25th anniversary of the Oct. 3, 1993 battle approached that Larsen, himself a Vietnam War combat veteran, realized the role that 10th Mountain played in that intense fight.

“As I started peeling the onion and looking into this thing I thought, ‘Oh my God this is an incredible story and I didn’t know it',” Larsen told Army Times. “I’d read the book when it came out. I’d seen the movie. I’d sat in bars with Bill and kind of heard it a little bit.”

Joint Military Exercises between S. Korea and U.S.

Published: April 2, 2019

SEOUL, South Korea — Joint military exercises conducted by the United States and South Korea last month boosted readiness, the U.S. defense chief said, defending changes aimed at maintaining calm with the North to facilitate nuclear talks.

Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan spoke Monday as he met with his South Korean counterpart in Washington to discuss the recent drills and other alliance issues as efforts to persuade Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons have faltered.

Washington and Seoul said early last month that they were ending annual exercises known as Key Resolve and Foal Eagle in favor of lower-profile drills that were renamed Dongmaeng, or Alliance. Shanahan dismissed concerns that the decision — seen as a concession to the North, which considers the drills a rehearsal for an invasion — would hurt military readiness.

“I don’t think we’re scaling back exercises. I think we’re building capability up,” he said Monday as he welcomed South Korean Defense Minister Jeong Kyeong-doo with an enhanced honor cordon at the Pentagon.

Key Resolve and Foal Eagle featured tens of thousands of U.S. and South Korean troops, including many who came from other countries to practice so-called decapitation plans and other scenarios targeting the North Korean regime.

To read further:  U.S. and South Korea Building Capability

VA offers $15 Million in Grant Funding

VA offers $15 million in grant funding to support adaptive sports for disabled Veterans
Online applications for community organizations now open

WASHINGTON — Today, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced the availability of up to approximately $15 million in grants for community organizations that provide adaptive sports, including therapeutic recreational opportunities for disabled Veterans and disabled members of the armed forces.
VA awards grants to qualifying organizations to plan, develop, manage and implement programs serving Veterans.  “Grants help our nation’s Veterans by increasing and expanding the quantity and quality of adaptive sports opportunities at community organizations across the country,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. “The independence, challenge and enjoyment of sports and recreation play a critical role in their successful rehabilitation and can improve their health and well-being.”

VA will make award decisions this fall based on a competitive selection. In fiscal year 2019, VA awarded approximately $9 million in Adaptive Sports Program grants to 103 organizations, estimated to serve more than 10,000 Veterans throughout all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
Details of the Notice of Funding Availability, including how to apply, can be viewed under the “Grant Program” tab online at VA Adaptive Sports Grant Program. All submissions will be accepted online at The deadline for applications to be submitted is May 14.
Follow VA Adaptive Sports on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook at @Sports4Vets. ###

Veteran Employment Through Technology/VET TEC

Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC)- VET TEC is a new tuition and housing assistance program launching in April of 2019 that will help you in advancing your IT career. If you are a Veteran, VET TEC may be for you. In just weeks you can gain computer  skills that can greatly impact your career. Whether you want to launch a  new career, hit the ground running during your transition to civilian life, or improve your business, VET TEC can help. VET TEC pays for you to take your classes in one of five areas: information science,  computer programming, data processing, media applications, and computer software. Why use your GI Bill entitlement to go back to school when you could quickly learn 21st century skills that are in high demand by employers without using up your entitlement right now?
What is VET TEC?
This innovative new pilot program pairs eligible Veterans with market-leading Training Providers offering the high-tech training and skills development sought by employers. You will have your classes and training paid for by VA and will receive a monthly housing stipend during your training. VET TEC is unique because the computer skills training programs take just months or even weeks to complete. Acquiring essential skills in such a short amount of time gives you the opportunity to advance your career sooner rather than later.
Are you eligible for VET TEC?
If you have at least one day of unexpired GI Bill entitlement, then you may be eligible for VET TEC.
How do you sign up for VET TEC?
An online application for VET TEC is coming soon on this webpage. You will also have to apply to the approved Training Provider that you select. Please check back soon for more details.
Training Providers may assess your qualifications using their own enrollment processes, though not all will require an assessment. This helps ensure that you will successfully complete their program and find meaningful employment to use the skills you learned.
When can you start taking classes?
VA begins accepting applications for VET TEC this spring. The application process will allow you to enroll in classes once you are approved.
How does VET TEC work?
To enroll, you will apply to VA to determine your eligibility for VET TEC, and then to a VA-approved Training Provider. When you're accepted into the program, you'll train in one of the five areas of high-tech training. After you have completed your program, you will have new skills that will help you secure meaningful employment in the modern workforce.
What are the benefits of using VET TEC?
Participation in the VET TEC program will not count against your GI Bill entitlement. With just one day of unexpired entitlement left, you can apply to participate in VET TEC. In addition, while you are in VET TEC you will earn a housing stipend during your training program.
What programs are approved?
VA is working with industry leading tech companies to find Training Providers with experience training students for today's tech economy and preparing them for immediate employment.  The VA will post on the Training Provider's page as they are approved and added:

Women Veteran Artists Exhibition

Women Veteran Artists Exhibition - June 2019.  For additional information, please contact: Joel Evans (518-474-6114; or Benjamin Pomerance (518-474-6114,  

MEDIUM: Any medium may be used to create 2-dimensional artwork only. Works in relief will be accepted (weight dependent). Appropriate hardware to safely and securely hang work must accompany, or be attached to, each piece. All pastel and charcoal works should be sprayed with a fixative. Mats are optional, but all work should be clean and exhibition ready for installation.  
SIZE: Not to exceed 12 x 18 inches (including mat).  
LABELS: Affix labels in the lower righthand corner. Each label must include the following:  
Name of Artist 
Title of Artwork 
Media of Artwork 
Artist’s Branch of the United States Military  
____ Submit an electronic inventory via email prior to the delivery of artworks to and NO LATER THAN 25 May 2019 
____ Include a hard copy inventory sheet with submissions.  
____ Carefully marked with contact information (include both phone number and email address, please) on all portfolios/packages of work.  
For additional questions, please contact: Joel Evans (518-474-6114; or Benjamin Pomerance (518-474-6114,  

Veterans' Retreat - Equine Program

Contact:  Laurie Bryceland - email:
Subject: GAIT's Veteran's Retreat
Register now for this 6/28-6/30/2019 Veterans Retreat!
This retreat is for Veterans and an optional support person.  It is FREE of charge and the participants will be staying at beautiful and historic Malibu Dude Ranch in Milford, PA and have the opportunity to use all the amenities at the resort for the weekend.  All the Equine Immersion Activities will take place at the nearby GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center.  All Veterans near and far are invited to attend.  Spaces are limited, so early registration is encouraged.  For further information, contact: Laurie Bryceland, Assistant Executive Director, PATH Intl. Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructor, GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center
PO Box 69, Milford PA 18337 - Phone: 570-409-1140 - Fax: 570-300-2288
Website: Visit them on Facebook:

Sullivan County Job Fair - April 16th, 2019

Sullivan County Job Fair - Tuesday, April 16th, 2019 from 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m. at The Sullivan/ramada, 283 Rock Hill Drive, Rock Hill, New York.  For further information, contact the Sullivan County Career Center, 50 North Street, Monticello, New York - 845-794-3340

Book Recommendations From a Vietnam Vet 

Here are some excellent book recommendations offered by one of our Vietnam veterans and a former Clarkstown Police Officer.  

First, I am a Vietnam Veteran and am alive by less than 30 seconds during a rocket attack on Mother's Day, 1968. I am also a retired Clarkstown Police Officer who was the first sent to the Brinks robbery of 1981 and am alive by less than 1 minute on that horrible day in Nanuet and Nyack. 

The books that helped me include two by Raymond Moody Called Life After Life and Reflections on Life After Life.  Also, God in the Foxhole by Charles Sasser, and also the Bibleparticularly the Chapter 43 in the book of Isaiah. These books can help get one out of depression and the pit of self pity. Knowing there is Life after Death can tremendously help one get through horrible experiences.
Gerald Fleming, Retired CPD and suicide prevention lecturer. 

VVA Chapter #333 - Handcycle Program - Ongoing
Here is some information on the HANDCYCLE PROGRAM from Roy Tsudy of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter #333: Since 2013, VVA Chapter 333 has created their Handcycle Program.  Roy, along with fellow chapter Vietnam veteran Marcus Arroyo and others (via fund raising along with donations) have purchased and donated 13 of these cycles to military veterans with leg amputations and / or spinal cord injuries. Unfortunately, due to strict adherence to HIPPA law, they cannot easily locate veterans who can benefit from having one of the hand cycles. They find the candidates via extensive research or word of mouth. 

With that in mind, if you know of any veteran with combat related injuries who would like to own a Handcycle free of charge, please contact Roy Tschudy  via e-mail at: so a proper vetting process can begin by both Marcus and Roy. Thank you.  Roy Tschudy V.P., Chapter #333 Vietnam Veterans of America.

The most recent hand cycle was presented recently to a female veteran who suffered injuries in a crippling car accident sustained during her time in service, that had left her wheelchair-bound for the past 25 years.  
The members of Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter #333, run fundraisers to help pay for the hand cycles needed for these veterans.  Roy Tschudy, Vietnam veteran and Co-Chair of the Handcycle Program, has written a book about Vietnam titled:  "ENDLESS."  All proceeds of the sale of Roy's book will be donated to the Hand-Cycle Program.  

"ENDLESS" is available in paperback or e-book form and can be purchased on at this link: 
or simply type in BOOKS and then enter the name: ROY TSCHUDY. "ENDLESS" will appear and the purchase can then be made. 

NYS DOL - Hire Vets Medallion Award Program 
There’s Still Time to Apply for the 2019 HIRE Vets Medallion Award through the New York State Department of Labor.  This is the only federal-level employment award that celebrates employers who have demonstrated a commitment to recruiting, employing, and retaining our nation’s veterans.  Employers of all sizes, ranging from small businesses and community-based non-profits to larger companies, are welcome to apply. Award recipients will receive a certificate and digital images of the medallion to use as part their promotional efforts. The application deadline is April 30, 2019. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to highlight your work to support America’s veterans. 
Go to for further information.

Employment Opportunities 

USIS-US Information Systems, Pearl River, New York has numerous jobs available and we appreciate their reaching out to our veterans.  USIS is located at 35 West Jefferson Avenue, Pearl River, NY10965.  Their website is:  If interested in any of these positions, please send an updated resume to: Anjelica Pagnozzi -    (845) 353-9248.    Please submit resumes and questions to Anjelica Pagnozzi:

Creative Design Construction: - Creative Design Construction, 204 Livingston Street in Northvale, New Jersey 07647, works all over the Rockland/Bergen County area, are currently looking to expand production teams and are interested in candidates that are willing to learn or have experience in construction. We thought this might be a great opportunity for veterans that are returning from service.  We sincerely appreciate their service and would love to give them the opportunity for full-time employment.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nicole at 201-768-5813. View their website here:

Montefiore-Nyack Hospital, Nyack, New York 10960
See link for full listing and information about career opportunities at Nyack Hospital, Nyack, New York.

Good Samaritan Hospital, Suffern, New York.  Good Samaritan Hospital is affiliated with Westchester Medical Center.  See this link for available employment -

NYC Green Book Online: The Green Book is the official directory of the City of New York. An indispensable reference guide for anyone living or working with New York City. Includes detailed listings of agencies. Website:

Rockland County Employment Information:
Here is a link to current job openings available in Rockland County

Rockland County Veterans' Credits:

New York City Civil Service Jobs, Tests, and Results as listed in The Chief:

MTA Metro-North Railroad has ongoing employment opportunities:
To apply for current jobs with the MTA, please go to the MTA Employment Portal at:

Local Veterans Organization

For your information, here are the addresses for some of our local veterans' organizations:
  • Rockland County Marine Corps League, 20 Station Road, Pomona, New York 10970  
  • Military Order of the Purple Heart, 20 Station Road, Pomona, New York 10970
  • Vietnam Veterans of America, P.O. Box 243, New City, New York 10956
  • Nam Knights, 1 Western Highway, Tappan, New York 10983
  • Korean War Veterans, P.O. Box 304, New City, New York 10956
  • R.C. Military Order of the Purple Heart, 20 Station Road, Pomona, New York 10970
  • Jewish War Veterans, P.O. Box 38, New City, New York 10956
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars, P.O. Box 921, New City, New York 10956
  • Air Force Association, Chapter 251, 207 Treetop Circle, Nanuet, New York 10954
  • Rockland County American Legion, 86 South Reld Drive, Pearl River, New York 10965
Combat Vet ID Cards Available
Combat Veteran ID Cards are available.  If you are a combat veteran, you can get this card at the County Clerk's Office which is located at 1 South Main Street, Suite 100, New City, New York 10956.  To apply for the Combat Veteran ID Card, or the F.A.V.O.R. card for all veterans, if you don't already have one, bring your DD214 to the County Clerk's Office.  They'll take your photo and make up a card for you. 

For further information, contact the Rockland County Clerk's Office at (845) 638-5076.

This new Combat Veteran ID Card offers all of the same benefits as the F.A.V.O.R. (Find and Assist Veterans of Record) card, which includes almost 1000 discounts to Rockland's veterans, but this new CVID card has specific advantages. The CVID card is co-sponsored by the Rockland County Police Benevolent Association and will be recognized by our local law enforcement agencies. So if you ever get pulled over, along with your license, registration, and insurance card, show the police officer your Combat Vet ID card so he knows you're an in-country vet.
Useful Telephone Numbers for Veterans

Rockland County Veterans Service Agency


Rockland County Sheriff’s Office


Veterans Peer-to-Peer (Counseling)


People to People (Food)


Montrose VA Hospital


New City VA Clinic


Housing Unit


Rape Crisis Services (Main)


Rape Crisis Services (24/7)


Home Health Care


Good Samaritan Hospital Emergency 


Nyack Hospital Emergency


Domestic Violence


Suicide Hotline


Mental Health Association of Rockland County


Mobile Mental Health


West Point (nearest military base)


New York National Guard (Orangeburg, NY)


Army Reserve (Orangeburg, NY)


Military Recruiter


Rockland County Housing Action Coalition


Alcoholics Anonymous


Emergency Shelter


Meals on Wheels


Rockland County Marine Corps League Auxiliary

The Rockland County Marine Corps League Auxiliary continues its on-going campaign - Pet Rescue - to reunite our troops with pets they may have had to leave in Afghanistan. Cans and bottles (no glass bottles) that can be recycled for cash, may be brought to Kearsing Edwards American Legion Post 1600, 20 Station Road in Pomona, New York. They are collected by ARC Pet Rescue volunteers and recycled. Contributions for the Pet Rescue Project are also welcome! The funds pay for food and water to sustain pets on their journey home; their transportation is free. For more information contact Chairman Dale Fisher 845-304- 3595.

Rockland County Marine Corps League - MASH Unit

We regularly receive donations of handicap assistance equipment for disabled veterans from people who want to help.  Our donated equipment is available for free to military veterans and their families.  The items include the following:
  • Handicap-Accessible van
  • Motorized Wheelchairs
  • Manual Wheelchairs
  • Oxygen Generator
  • Walkers
  • Bath Chairs
  • Transfer Benches
  • Braces
  • Crutches
  • Canes 
If you have need of any of this equipment, contact the folks at the Rockland County Marine Corps League - 845-323-8774 or via e-mail:

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RockVets is an Outreach project of New York Vets, Inc. - a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization established in 1992, to advocate for those who have worn the uniform of the U.S. Military, no matter where or when they served. 

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