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Areas of Assistance

Here is information on some of the subjects we deal with on a regular basis.  

If you have any questions, or would like further information on these or other topics, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

New York Vets

P. O. Box 387

Tomkins Cove, New York 10986


ACQUIRING MEDALS/RECORDS - We can apply for medals you never received or records and/or discharges that may have been lost.

ALCOHOLISM/CHEMICAL DEPENDENCE - Unfortunately, alcoholism and substance abuse are a greater problem among veterans than in the general population. We can professionally and confidentially help if you think you may have a problem.

CEMETERY AND BURIAL BENEFITS - Rockland is unique in that we maintain a military-style veterans cemetery.  It is the Frederick Loescher Veterans Memorial Cemetery and is located at 220 Brick Church Road in New Hempstead, New York  10977.  Burial here is available to any veteran and their spouse who are Rockland County residents. Our office will further assist in obtaining burial benefits, gravestones, Presidential certificates and VA life insurance claims.  

DISABILITY COMPENSATION - Any veteran who feels they have a disability that was caused or aggravated by their military service, is entitled to open a claim at any time. Veterans who are receiving disability compensation and feel their condition has become worse, may re-open their claim at any time. We can handle the paperwork for you.

DISCHARGE UPGRADING - The Board of Review is authorized to correct and upgrade most discharges based on new facts presented for consideration. There is a statute of limitations on upgrades, so please don't delay.

EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS - The VA administers basic educational programs for veterans and military personnel. Scholarships and grants are available through sources other than the VA. 

INSURANCE ASSISTANCE - Upon leaving military service, veterans have 120 days to convert their GI insurance. We can also assist you with beneficiary changes or other information.

LICENSES AND PERMITS - Veterans with a 40% or greater disability rating are eligible for low cost hunting and fishing licenses and free use of state parks, historic sites and recreational areas.

MEMBERSHIP IN VETS' ORGANIZATIONS - We encourage membership in veterans’ organizations. Rockland County is fortunate to have several fine organizations. These groups not only perform community and social functions, but also help protect the rights of all veterans. You would be helping yourself by helping them. Call us for information.

MILITARY SERVICE BUY-BACK - Section 244-a: Member of the New York State Retirement System can now buy up to 3-years wartime military service. 

MILITARY UNIT ORGANIZATION - In most cases we can connect you with the unit in which you served, or help you find them through your branch of service.

NEW YORK STATE BLIND ANNUITY - New York State pays $500 annually to eligible visually impaired wartime veterans; we can provide you with the necessary applications to begin process.

NURSING HOMES - The VA does provide nursing home care.  However, the availability of beds is limited and the need is great. We can provide you with the necessary application forms to begin the process. 

PENSION BENEFITS - Any war veteran is entitled to apply for a VA pension. However, they must prove a financial need and be within VA guidelines.

POST TRAUMATIC STRESS INFORMATION - Now it's referred to as PTSD; in the past it's been called shell shock and battle fatigue. If you are experiencing difficulties relating to your combat service, please call us. Psychological injuries are as real as bullet wounds and sometimes as deadly.

VA Clinic:  The Rockland County VA Clinic (New City Community Clinic) follows the rules/regulations that apply for the VA hospital.  They've treated more than 6,000 local veterans who continue with ongoing care. Call the clinic to set up an appointment: (845) 634-8942 or 1-800-269-8749. The clinic is located at 345 North Main Street, New City, New York 10956.  On weekends and evenings when the clinic is closed, we have a call-in line available for you to speak with a nurse.  If you have an emergency, call 911. 

TAX EXEMPTIONS - War veterans may be eligible for a tax break on their residential property. Local deadlines for filing are March 1st.

VA HOSPITAL AND OUTPATIENT CARE - Any veteran is entitled to service at a VA hospital. However, there are categories of care. Emergencies will always be taken without questions; then veterans with service-connected disabilities are guaranteed treatment. Past that point, judgments are made based on financial need. It would be a good idea to check with our office before seeking non-emergency care.

VA MORTGAGE INFORMATION - Veterans are eligible for VA loans for houses, condominiums, and manufactured homes. We can help you obtain a certificate of eligibility. Further, you can obtain a second or even third VA loan, as long as the previous loan has been satisfied.

VETERANS' CREDIT FOR CIVIL SERVICE EMPLOYMENT - New York State Department of Civil Service will award 5 points additional credit in an open-competitive examination and 2 1/2 points in a promotion examination to eligible veterans. Additional points are awarded to disabled veterans.

VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION - Veterans with 20% or greater service-connected disabilities may be entitled to training or retraining without cost, if they should need to change professions because of their disabilities.


NOTE:  Many of the services we offer can at least be initiated by phone. VA regulations are constantly changing, so what might have applied even a few years ago, may no longer be effective. Please check with us. There is never a fee for our service.  

BEWARE:  Many frauds are perpetrated using the name "VETERAN." Please be aware of so-called special offers or charities not known to you.  Giving to local non-profit veterans' organizations is the best way to help veterans in our community.